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Hydraulic pumps

We supply high quality hydraulic pumps, for various applications: tractors and agricultural machines, trucks, construction machines and industrial installations.

Our products may be divided into:

  • Cast iron PTO gear pumps,
  • Aluminium gear pumps,
  • Piston pumps

Maximum capacity: 220 cm3/rev
Maximum pressure: 400 bar

Hydraulic motors

We ensure wide range of hydraulic motors necessary for proper system operation. The products are dedicated for agricultural, forest, construction, railway, mining machines and industrial installations.

Our product may be divided into:

  • Gear motors,
  • Orbital motors,
  • Piston-axial motors,
  • Piston-radial motors,

Power steering units “Orbitrols”

Orbitrol – It is hydrostatic turning valve which is used for steering wheels in the vehicles.

Orbitrols find their application in:

  • Construction machines,
  • Agricultural machines,
  • Forklifts,
  • Trucks,
  • Telescopic handlers,
  • Combine-Harvesters,

Coolers and cooling systems

The standard program includes over 100 models of coolers in 3 basic types of execution. All of these coolers are made of aluminium. Coolers are protected with additional coat paint layers or PTFE layer upon special request. Our systems are applicable in heavy machinery, railway machinery, mining vehicles, agricultural machines and stationary systems like power generators sets , presses or compressors.

Basic parameters: maximum oil pressure up to 26 bar, power from 0,5 to 500 KW, nominal oil flow from 1 to 600 l/min.
Fan drive: electric – direct current, electric – alternating current, hydraulic drive.

Hydraulic valves

We offer hydraulic valves of various kinds: check valves, pilot check valves , flow control valves, pressure reducing valves, relief valves, overcenter valves, solenoid valve, monoblock and sectional directional control valves. The valves may be assembled on manifold or directly on wires and actuators, as well as on the hydraulic motors. Such valves are applicable in forklifts, cranes, hooklifts, construction and mining machines, municipal transport vehicles and various stationary equipment.

Basic parameters: Flow up to 600 l/min, Pressure up to 220 bar (aluminium casing) and up to 400 bar (steel casing), Wide range of solutions

Hydraulic power-packs

We provide complete hydraulic power-packs completed according to customer needs and requirements. Hydraulic power-packs may be equipped with direct current electric motors: 12 or 24V DC or with two-phase and three-phase alternate current AC motors. Hydraulic power-packs are supplied with oil tanks: from 1l up to 40l. Additionally, each power-pack may be equipped with freely designed set of valves assembled on power-packs manifold in accordance to technical diagram provided by the customer.

Application of hydraulic power-packs: Hydraulic presses, Lifts and elevators of various types, Platforms, Car lifts, Cranes, Ploughs, Industrial machinery,

Hydraulic filters

We offer high pressure filters, return filters, suction filters, which can be tank or in-line mounted.

  • Max pressure 420 bar,
  • Max flow 350 l/min,

Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulators

Accumulators are made in according to EU law with all neccesery certificates. We are able to change gas precharge pressure in accumulators, for customer’s demand.

Basic parameters of accumulators:

LAV – diaphragm – do 0,75 liter
LA – bladder – od 0,1 do 55 liter
Max. working pressure – 330 ba

Hydraulic Brake Systems

Hydraulic brake circuits and components to use in mining, construction, agriculture, forest machines and fork lift trucks. In our range you can find single- and many-circuit brake cylinders with and without servo. As a very special solution to heavy application, we offer brake system S6. This system is suitable also to heavy fork lift trucks. Modular assembly system allows to adapt system to individual demand.


Accessories supplied by our company are applicable in an industrial and mobile machinery sectors. Our offer include:

  • Clutches for hydraulic transmission systems,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Flanges and collectors
  • Oil tanks,
  • Flanges for hydraulic pumps,
  • Thermostats and pressure switches,
  • Electric coils,
  • Cables for directional control valves,
  • Levers for directional control valves,
  • Pressure gauges,
  • Sensors,
  • Oil level indicators,
  • Plugs, sealings,
Contact informations:

tel.: +48 22 512 56 60
Hydraulics: +48 533 623 521
Filtration: +48 530 410 000
Industrial drives: +48 601 847 957
Driveshafts: +48 76 754 55 17

Address data:

ul. Zwoleńska 17
04-761 Warszawa

Kochlice, ul. Lubińska 1c
59-222 Miłkowice