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Safim | Hydraulic Brake Systems

Hydraulic brake circuits and components to use in mining, construction, agriculture, forest machines and fork lift trucks. In our range you can find single- and many-circuit brake cylinders with and without servo. As a very special solution to heavy application, we offer brake system S6. This system is suitable also to heavy fork lift trucks. Modular assembly system allows to adapt system to individual demand.

Hydraulic brake system as a set:
We are in position to make sets of brake systems include components of S6 system and hydraulic accumulators.

Brake Pumps and Master Cylinders

Brake master cylinders and cylinders with servo:

  • Braking pressure to 150 bar
  • One – and two-circuit
  • Capacity 18 -75 cm3

Operating medium: brake fluids or mineral oil

Pompy hamulcowe i siłowniki Safim
SAFI - Układy hamulcowe typu S6

S6 Brake Systems and Feeder Units

The S6 modular hydraulic brake system to be used in medium and heavy applications. It is possible to assembly in existing mechanical and hydraulic brake circuits.

  • One- and two-circuit systems
  • Max. braking pressure – 160 bar.
  • Positive or negative circuit

Accumulator charging valves to assembly in S6 brake system.

Safim Accessories

  • Parking brake hand valve to operate spring cylinders for parking and emergency brake
  • Valve flow dividers
  • Priority valves
  • Pressure switches
  • Filters (to be applied to our products)
  • Fittings in general
  • Reservoirs for master cylinders
  • Complete pedal enabling to operate master cylinders with booster and step bore master cylinders
Contact informations:

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Filtration: +48 530 410 000
Industrial drives: +48 601 847 957
Driveshafts: +48 76 754 55 10

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