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OMT | Accessories

The OMT range of products is suitable to both the industrial and mobile machinery sectors.

Actually there are five main ranges of products:

  • Bellhousings and drive couplings for hydraulic transmissions
  • Filters
  • Aluminium air/oil heat exchangers
  • Flanges – elbow joints – manifolds
  • Accessories.
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Bellhousings and Couplings

Bellhousings are the mechanical elements used to connect an electric motor fitted with standard flange to a hydraulic pump (pump/motor unit). They are made in alluminium alloy, in a single piece or composed. There are the silenced and cooler versions as well. Elastic drive couplings allow the power transmission up to 315kW; they are made in aluminium, iron and cast iron versions.

Accessories for Pump/Motor unit

  • Damping rings,
  • Foot flanges,
  • Damping rods for OMT foot flanges,

Components for Micropowerpack

  • Central manifold,
  • Seats for valves,
  • Oil tank,
  • Filter and pipe kit,

Sae and Cetop Flanges

The flanges are the removable rigid connection by far more used, either for pipes or other mechanical items.

OMT manufacture a variety of forged types of flanges, as steel SAE flange, with threads GAS and NPT, weld in and weld on, standard or 90°.
The range is completed by blind flange, cut and uncut SAE split flanges, SAE adaptors.
Classes: 3000 psi and 6000 psi
Screws: metric and UNC

Elbow Joints

OMT produces a variety of elbow joints, from threaded to the weld type, made of different materials, mainly aluminum and galvanized white steel. They are optionally equipped with screw kit for fixing.

Maximum working Pressure:
aluminum: 180 bars
steel: 100 bars – 315 bars

Cetop Manifolds

OMT manufactures manifold blocks in aluminium (standard), type CETOP2, CETOP3 and CETOP5 and also special series made in Cast Iron/ steel. The OMT blocks have the possibility of developing circuits in parallel or series and allow to fit the relief valve.

Contact informations:

tel.: +48 22 512 56 60
Hydraulics: +48 533 623 521
Filtration: +48 530 410 000
Industrial drives: +48 601 847 957
Driveshafts: +48 76 754 55 10

Address data:

ul. Zwoleńska 17
04-761 Warszawa

Kochlice, ul. Lubińska 1c
59-222 Miłkowice