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Walvoil | Hydraulic Valves

Typical and commonly used valves in the stationary and mobile hydraulics are available for our customers from Warsaw stock.

In offer – monoblock and sectional “on-off” or “load sensing” valves. Available with manual, pneumatic, electropneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic remote control.

  • Flow: up to 220 l/min,
  • Max. working pressure: 350 bar,
  • Up to 10 working sections,
  • Intermediate sections are available,
  • Additional service valves,

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Walvoil - Monoblock valves

  • Max. flow 150 l/min,
  • Max. pressure 350 bar,
  • Possible serial, parallel, tandem, and pressure output arrangements,
Rozdzielacze_sekcyjne walvoil

Walvoil - Sectional Valves

Due to the sectional structure there is a possibility of mounting special sections, e.g. flow and pressure regulators. Additional outlet sections. The possibility of changing the size of sections in one valve.

  • Max. flow 220 I/min,
  • Max. pressure 350 bar,

Load - Sensing DPC Valves

Load – sensing Valves designed for closed and open circuit.
Additional option with flow compensation circuit up to 170 lit/min and working pressure up to 315 bar.

  • Max. flow 140 l/min
  • Max. pressure 350 bar
  • Possible circuit with 3-way pressure compensated valve
Walvoil - Rozdzielacze_DPC
Walvoil - Rozdzielacze_DPX

Load - Sensing DPX Valves

Load – sensing Valves designed for closed and open circuit.
Additional feature is Flow Sharing.

  • Energy saving for systems with LS pump. LS system is always working with optimal parametres (pressure and flow) depending on demand,
  • Flow sparing – provides proportional flow distribution even at full capacity,
  • P and T ports allow for big flows even in standard executions,

Walvoil - Diverter Valves

Manualy or electrical control multiway valves.

  • Max. flow 210 l/min
  • Max. working pressure 350 bar
  • Number of ways 2-3-4-6 8-10
Walvoil - Zawory_wielodrogowe
Walvoil - Rozdzielacze do ładowaczy czołowych

Walvoil - Hydraulic Valves for front loaders

Our valves can work with fixed displacement as well as Load sensing pumps installed on machine (tractor).
Basic system is the one with mechanical control (joystick, cables).

More advances systems are based on proportional electrical control.
It the operators cabin there is installed small joystick connected with electrical cables with the card. This electronic card control the work of whole machine.

Main features:

  • floating position on one section (lifting/lovering).
  • Check valves on every section, this valves secure the unexpected moves.

HIC - Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

Easy to install and service system designed for specific machine. Thete is many elements in one block

Walvoil - HIC
Sterowniki do rozdzielaczy

Remote Controls

The valves are designed for flows up to 170 l/min and the operating pressure up to 315 bar. They are applied in both open and closed circuits. Reduction pressure systems for SV type control systems are available. AV – feeding unit

Remote Proportional Electrical PHC

This system can control the electrohydraulic valve. Can be used in mobile machines. Allows remote control of the machine.


  • Joystick,
  • Electronical card,
  • Cables,
  • Software,

The whole system is easy to set with the laptop.

proporcjonalne sterowanie elektroniczne - Walvoil

Valves Mounted in line

Wide range of valves used in power hydraulic systems: check valves, overcenter valves, sequence valves, relief valves, flow regulators, pressure regulators and others.

Contact informations:

tel.: +48 22 512 56 60
Hydraulics: +48 533 623 521
Filtration: +48 530 410 000
Industrial drives: +48 601 847 957
Driveshafts: +48 76 754 55 10

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