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Industrial filters – We have many-year of experience in sales and distribution of an industrial filters. We offer wide range of filter products from premium brands like: MANN-FILTER, Filtration Group, Wix Filters, Ikron, Donaldson.  Our many-year experience resulted in the creation of our own filter brand  – BlueLine Filtration. Thanks to the rich product offer combined with large stock inventory we ensure the highest standard of customer service on the market.
Our offer consist of: air filters (main and safety filters, complete filtration systems), fuel and oil filters, cabin and hydraulic filters, separators, HVAC filters.

Industrial filters provided by our company are used in various applications:

  • Mining machinery,
  • Agricultural and forestry equipment,
  • Construction machinery,
  • Railway vehicles,
  • Buses and trucks,
  • Compressors and vacuum pumps,
  • Power generators,

Complete air filtration systems

We offer air filters for a wide range of airflow capacities, of various construction and applicable for an environment of diverse dustiness:

  • Dry air filters in metal casing – airflow up to 60 m3/min,
  • Dry air filters in plastic casing, airflow up to 45 m3/min,
  • Wet air filters, airflow up to 87 m3/min
  • Vacuum filters – airflow up to 28 m3/min
  • Cabin filters,
  • Deaerators,
  • Accessories for an intake air systems, among others: cyclones, impurities indicators, elbow connections, reductions, pipes.
Separatory do sprężarek i pomp próżniowych

Separators for compressors and vacuum pumps applications

Very high quality separators of Mann+Hummel are appreciated by the majority of compressors and vacuum pumps manufacturers all over the world.

We would like to offer a wide production program of high quality separators:

  • Spin-on separators of the airflow capacity of 1-16,5 m3/min,
  • Aair-oil separators of the airflow capacity of 2-56,5 m3/min,
  • Separators for vacuum pumps of the e capacity of 0,1 – 4,8 m3/min,
  • Oil residues 1-3 mg/m3,
  • Operational temperature up to 120 °C.

Mann+Hummel separators are characterised by their long operation time and high quality anti-corrosive protection.

Liquid filters

In our offer you will find wide range of liquid dedicated filters guaranteeing optimal conditions for proper engine operation.

High-performance filters for oil systems, hydraulic systems and fuel systems guarantee safety and long operational period.

  • Oil filters,
  • Fuel filters,
  • Hydraulic filters,
  • High pressure filters,
  • Centrifugal filters (centrifuges),
  • Aerating and deaerating filters,
  • Gap-type filters,
  • Filters for production processes.
Filtry przemysłowe MANN-FILTER
Filtry przemysłowe

Exchangeable inserts & cartridges

We offer a wide range of filter elements from premium brands such as MANN-FILTER, WIX, Ikron as well as industrial filters sold as BlueLine Filtration range.

As a complement to our offer, we supply filters from other recognized producers as well.

  • Air filters,
  • Oil filters,
  • Fuel filters,
  • Separators,
  • Hydraulic filters,
  • EDM filters,
  • Cabin filters,
  • Cooling system filters,
  • Gap filters,
  • Special filters.

Filters for air-conditioning and ventilation

In our offer you will find air filters adapted to work in air conditioning and ventilation systems, which are characterized by their very low pressure drops. Filters are available in the range from coarse G2 class up to H14 HEPA class.

  • Filtration mats,
  • Cassette filters,
  • Pocket filters,
  • Compact filters,
  • High-temperature filters,
  • Absolute HEPA filters,
  • Assembly frames.

Filters are offered in standard and custom sizes.  Filtration mats – sold in rolls or cut according to customer to size.

Filtry do wentylacji i klimatyzacji
filtry do filtracji sprężonego powietrza

Compressed air filtration

MANN-FILTER products for filtration of compressed air are characterised with:

  • Wide, effective filtration surface area,
  • Low pressure drops,
  • Low energy costs,
  • Constant high filtration efficiency,
  • High impurities capacity,
  • Long product life,
  • Very attractive price-quality ratio,

Available filters types:

  • Prefilters 99,99 % – 3 µm – oil residue 0,5 mg/m3,
  • Fine filters 99,9999 % – 1 µm – oil residue 0,01 mg/m3,
  • Active Carbon filters – oil residue 0,003 mg/m3.

Fuel filters with water separation

Excellent protection of the injection apparatus and engine may be achieved by usage of a water separating pre-filter.

  • High water separation efficiency > 93%,
  • Fuel flow of 270 l/h, 420 l/h, 600 l/h,
  • Built-in pump,
  • Resistant to biodiesel fuel,
  • Wrench for unscrewing the nut of the oil sump included in the set,
  • Possibility of mounting fully automatized heater 24 V/350W,
  • Increased operation lifetime of the main insert,
  • Anticorrosive protection of the injection system,
  • Reduction of repair costs and extension of the engine operation time.

Gap filters.

Special filters for manufacturing processes.

Filtry paliwa PL MANN-FILTER

Hydraulic filters

High pressure hydraulic, tank mounted return and suction filters, mounted on the tank or in line, additionally the offer includes a number of accessories such as filler caps, level indicators, etc.






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