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Donaldson hydraulic filters

Donaldson hydraulic filters

High pressure hydraulic filration solutions:

  • Strong, durable cast iron head and cold-extruded steel housing construction for reliable highpressure performance
  • Highly configurable – this assembly and filter combination give you specifying flexibility in a very high-pressure working range
  • Mix and match system of in-stock heads, housings and filters for ready availability
  • Featuring a choice of high-performance DT filters or standard filters with multiple efficiency options – allowing you to achieve the performance you need for almost any appli


  • High pressure circuits,
  • In-plant systems,
  • Mobile equipment,
  • Power steering circuits,
  • Servo valve circuits,
Medium Pressure Filters

Spin-on medium pressure filter – Duramax®:

  • Proven Duramax® filters deliver superior performance
  • 2x more contaminant holding capacity compared to competitive filters
  • Unique, compact space-saving configuration
  • G3 version includes Clean Seal concept
  • Synteq XP™ – Premium filter media technology*

Cartridge-style medium pressure filter – FLK:

  • Designed for easy, clean, convenient servicing
  • Robust, reusable housing and disposable cartridge design
  • Create less waste than standard metal spin-on designs
  • RadialSeal™ design for reliable seal and superior vibration resistance
  • Various sizes to meet system requirements
  • Synteq XP™ – Premium filter media technology*


  • Hydrostatic charge pumps,
  • Hydrostatic transmission,
  • Pilot control circuits,
  • Refrigeration compressor circuits,
Low Pressure Filters

Low pressure hydraulic filtration solutions:

  • Spin-on design for easy servicing and reduced maintenance costs,
  • Highly configurable to fit your specification requirements,
  • Mix and match system of in-stock heads, housings and filters for ready availability,


  • Mainly on closed-loop systems, if no return suction filter can be applied (Concrete Mixers, Rollers),
  • Before pumps where 100μm strainer gives not enough protection,
  • In combination with return filters instead of returnsuction filter if no/low excess oil flow is generated,
In-Tank Filter

In-tank hydraulic reservoir filtration solutions:

  • Designed to handle heavy-duty applications,
  • Economical, space-saving units offer a variety of options,
  • Head and inlet sit above the tank, housing remains inside the tank, for design-in flexibility,
  • Optional T.R.A.P.™ breathers available,
  • Cost-effectively designed so breather can be mounted directly in the filter head,
  • Replacement cartridges offered in a range of media types and performance ratings,


  • Cooling circuits,
  • Fluid conditioning systems,
  • Lube oil systems,
  • Process systems,
  • Return lines,
  • Side loop systems,
Donaldson Breather

Hydraulic reservoir breathers:

  • Easy to install, simply hand tighten
  • T.R.A.P.™ breather technology continuously regenerates water holding capacity
  • Superior moisture and particulate contamination protection for hydraulic reservoirs
  • 3 to 4 times the life of conventional desiccant breathers
  • Withstands high vibration
  • Meeting or exceeding OE specifications

Applications: Designed for both mobile and stationary reservoir breather applications

Obieg hydrauliczny Donaldson
Breather A good working hydraulic system starts with a clean hydraulic fluid reservoir. Donaldson T.R.A.P.™ breathers are the only breathers on the market that literally strip moisture vapor from intake air and expel the moisture back to the atmosphere on the outflow cycle. The filter continuously regenerates its water holding capacity and keeps your hydraulic reservoir clean.
In-Tank Filter Donaldson in-tank filtration solutions for hydraulic reservoirs are economical, space-saving units that offer a variety of options including aluminum or plastic access covers, mounting option, breathers and accessories. Strong, durable die-cast aluminum head and a steel or plastic canister construction for heavy-duty applications.
Medium Pressure Filters Donaldson medium pressure hydraulic filters proof it’s leading position in the hydraulic filtration market. These filters are built to keep hydraulic components protected under all conditions. Large global original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on Donaldson’s experise and knowledge to protect precious hydraulic equiment and parts.
High Pressure Filters Uncompromised protection for your equipment and parts. These hard worling filters protect sensitive components in high pressure hydraulic systems. They operate in tough environments and support working pressures up to 300 bar. Meeting or exceeding the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, these filters are designed and equiped to keep the hydraulic system protected under all conditions.
Low Pressure Filters Donaldson hydraulic filters – Uncompromised protection for your equipment and parts. The low pressure hydraulic filters are protecting the hydraulic system and pump to allow smooth transition and effective pressure build-up. Meeting or exceeding the OEM’s specifications, these filters are designed and equiped to keep the hydraulic system protected under all conditions.
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