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Industry couplings and shafts REXNORD-CENTA

We are the leading distributor of elastic couplings and driving shafts of the renowned CENTA brand. We supply a number of solutions applicable in industry, railway sector, power engineering, wind energy as well as in marine and powerboating applications.


Wide range of gearboxes supplied to our customers are used in almost all sectors of the economy, starting from a food industry through construction and chemical industries and ending on mining industry. Reducers offered by our company are characterised with extraordinary care of manufacturing which increases their lifetime and faultless operation. Our offer comprises worm gears, helical gears, bevel-helical gears, planetary gears and variators. We supply gearmotors matched for 0,06kW – 30kW power.

We are official representatives of VARVEL company, at the same time having our own reducer brand called GEAROXX.

Electric motors

In the area of electric motors our company cooperates with world-famous manufacturers. Our suppliers are Polish and foreign companies characterized by high quality of their products and short delivery time. Our assortment covers not only standard electric motors but also special ones, upon customers sophisticated requests. Motors manufactured with ATEX certificate, additional cooling, brake installation, power supply changes are just few examples of motors customized by our clients for their specific needs and requirements.

Roller Chains

Wippermann has been producing for you its chains for over 100 years. The company’s philosophy is in the first place COMPETENCE. Among our products produced you will find chains of the highest worldwide quality: Single & multiple chains, Maintenance-free chains, Power chains, Roller chains for elevators & escalators, Tooth chains, Sprockets. The offer of Wippermann standard chains is extraordinarily ample. We are always ready to develop a chain according to you requirements.

Contact informations:

tel.: +48 22 512 56 60
Hydraulics: +48 533 623 521
Filtration: +48 530 410 000
Industrial drives: +48 601 847 957
Driveshafts: +48 76 754 55 10

Address data:

ul. Zwoleńska 17
04-761 Warszawa

Kochlice, ul. Lubińska 1c
59-222 Miłkowice